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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a great start for 2014. 2013 was interesting with a lot changes. I'm looking forward to having a great time this year & to draw more.

Here are some conventions I plan to attend:
===== future =====
Animation on Display (January 31-February 1, 2015, Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Francisco Airport). I look forward to geeking out with you about anime, manga, and games. 

===== past =====
SacAnime Winter: It's nice to start the new year with an anime convention and meet new people =]

AOD: It was fun! I got to chat and hang out with friends and got Christina Vee's autograph. I hope you liked the facebook banner, badge art, program guide cover illustration, and the mascot space boy. 

Kawaii Kon: Aloha! We spotted many green sea turtles at "turtle beach", hiked Diamond Head (at 6am), hung out with some awesome artist alley friends, chatted with friendly convention attendees, had delicious food (e.g. rich butter fish, juicy papaya, tender lau lau, friend ahi, and interesting squid luau), shopped too many times at Don Quijote, chilled at beach for just long enough to snap a photo, and rushed home.

Sakura-Con: We met up with friends from UW and grabbed some awesome food in Seattle (e.g. Pam's Kitchen, Pike's Place Chowder, The Hangar, etc). As of the convention, it was fun meeting people who share my fandoms, seeing returning commissioners (love you!) + familiar faces (you know who you are :-D), and chatting with Artist Alley friends (especially my talented neighbors). Random highlights: a visit from Todd Haberkorn and getting a nice hair trim from Lisha to wrap up the weekend (her haircut skill is on par with her drawing skills). 

Fanime: Love the folks in my neighborhood, and saw lots incredible cosplayers. I didn't walk around much at the convention (failed to say hi to some artist friends T__T), but got to hang out with some friends & artists. I am feeling my after-con exhaustion. Stay hydrated & healthy, everyone.

Akon: Kevin got me addicted to Yowapeda and Fire Emblem... I met lots interesting people, enjoyed company of cool artist neighbors, overdosed on Central Market food, talked to a butterfly that landed on my table for half day (it liked my drawing with green background), and fed friends Titan head shaped candy.

AX: So many people @_@. I got to meet up with lots friends. Masquerade wasn't as amazing as last year's, due to numerous technical difficulties, but overall the convention was fun! We got a Godoka and cleaning Levi figures. Did you know that Godoka figure is too big to be a carry-on item?

San Japan: Thunderstorm. =O

Anime Revolution: Vancouver is gorgeous, the Asian food is guud (though Guu with Garlic wasn't as incredibly as I remembered from years ago), and folks are so nice. We stopped by Chihuly Glass Garden on our way back. I'm inspired. 

SacAnime Summer: I saw a lot of familiar faces : )

NDK: Wonderful people, awesome artists, and gorgeous place. I saw a moose at Rocky Mountain National Park, after many elks, pikas, chipmunks, and birds (apologies to my ornithologist friends... Oh, I think we saw three female blue grouse!). Also, lesson learned: drink lots of water at high elevation. My body needs it.

Kraken Con: Thank you (kind neighbors, attendees, and friends) for looking after me. 

Anime Banzai: My first time to Uah. I'm grateful to friendly artists and folks who stopped by, since the area I was at could be overlooked. I doodled some fun pieces, stay tuned! Dinner with Hayato et al. was good, and Red Iguana's mole verde was interesting. On the last day, I saw buffalo, antelope, deer, and lots unfamiliar bugs at Antelope Island Park.

P.S. Thank you, anonymous deviant. I just noticed I have 41 months of premium membership @_@ When did that happen?
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Redsworld Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i remember using up my money to buy a poster from you......i shall buy more when we meet again, so be prepared! (☞゚∀゚)☞
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lilythescorpio Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
thank you : )
cup-of-galaxies Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
hello! I bought your winry poster from AR! i love it so much :iconhappyblushplz: thank you for sharing your wonderful art with us!
(1 Reply)
Sokutenkyoshi Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
Hey Lily! It's Kevin from AR! Thank you very much for your awesome drawing of Binboda Momiji. You are such an awesome and nice person, I hope to see you in the near future~
(1 Reply)
rwong209 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice to meet you and thank you for selling the zuko poster at stockton-con on sunday.
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