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April 1, 2012
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Barnaby Brooks Jr. - Good Luck Mode by lilythescorpio Barnaby Brooks Jr. - Good Luck Mode by lilythescorpio

Tiger and Bunny is one of my latest obsessions. I normally don't like mecha/armor, but there is just something about Bunny and Tiger's units :heart: I also threw in some four-leaf clovers, happy searching : )

Maybe I will draw Tiger someday...

Welcome suggestions and critique!

----- advice for Photoshop user -----
Save your work in progress often, with different file names!

Back story: My computer froze after I spent 15 hour or so on this piece, I saved the file frequently (ctrl+s), so I thought a restart should be fine. but after I turned the computer back on, my psd file was gone, with only a .tmp file left. T_T My guess is that my computer froze while saving Photoshop file, so the file became corrupted... I tried various recover methods and software (thank you, Google), but none worked. Fortunately I had a .jpg file saved not too long before the crash, so I was able to work with that. but I lost ALL my layers... It was depressing. Don't let the same thing happen to you.

===== Tiger and Bunny = one of my latest obsessions =====
Tiger and Bunny - Smiles: [link]
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I wish I know how to make/use a 3D model. I think I put in too much details again and didn't make the painting as rough/loose as I would have liked to... I will to fix it a bit. Thanks for the input! :D
yeah, me too ):

oookay o:

are you going to be tabling at fanime this year? O:
I loosened the lines up a bit, will try to work on it more today <3
Yup, I will be at Fanime. Are you going? and are you tabling?
can't wait 8D ohohoho

I'm planning on going, and hopefully...I do get to go. ;u;

and no...I'm still not OTL I've been like, having all these ideas for things to sell and never having the time/motivation to pull them through u___u gah!
It would be nice to see you there! : )
yeah... having ideas is one thing, drawing/painting it out is another, and actually printing and putting it together is a whole new set of work =p Just do whatever is fun and don't let it be a burden. School is going fine though?
yup n-n i'll be going through all the artist tables again hoho.

i know right? @_@ doing the printing thing is intimidating -sigh- and one of my friends who I was looking forward to having help me if she got into berkeley...didn't get in ;__; bah

hnn...I had a midterm today, which ruined my spring I barely got to draw during break -sigh-
Hopefully I will see you then ^^

I'm sorry to hear that your friend didn't get in. :(

That's one thing I don't miss about the semester system. For quarter system, spring break is a real break :\ At least you got lots studying done. I hope your midterm went well!
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